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"I have evaluated many tools so far and I find yours is very useful and priced much lower than others. Some of the tools I looked at are $3000 or $4000 and don't do much more than yours."

Bob Mohler, IBM Global Services, Dallas/USA

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Content validation & web process control

Quick Validator

The Quick Validator provides fast and flexible validation of websites that can be defined in a comfortable and easy way - without any programming. By defining validation rules as assertions, the user specifies conditions and expressions for HTML elements, that has to be confirmed during the tests. Values for comparison can be entered or read from Excel or text files.

For each validation navigation, actions can be specified that will be performed when the current Step has been validated. These actions offers a powerful way to cancel current processes case of failures and goto different processes. This enables defining test modules that will be executed depending on validation of websites content to simulate human process decisions. Also allows defining loops to proceed workflows as long as validation will fail.

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